America Shall Be Saved

A Century Old Fairytale

A Century Old Fairytale by Jason Mangum

Once upon a time there was a nation birthed out of a hunger to worship God freely. This nation grew greater because it feared God, followed His principles and built the very foundation on Faith and Freedom. Another great quality this nation would possess was based on the fact men would rather die for freedom and liberty than to live as slaves to a tyrannical government. The nation would be met with many adversaries and adversities, but would always prevail because of the faith, bravery, patriotism, unity and strength of the people. The nation continued to grow in even greater success and was revered around the world as a City on a Hill.

In case you wonder what Nation this is wonder no more for she is The United States of America. One Nation, Under God, a Republic she would be. A Nation where the Government was Of The People, By The People and For The People. A Nation put first by its citizens, as they gave God first place in their hearts.

So as the story goes, for America to be first God needs to be first and that’s the role of the Church, but if you can get the Church out of the way then essentially you get God out of the way and that could destroy an entire society.

You see the Church is called to advance God’s kingdom. On earth as it is in Heaven. The Church is the restraining force on the earth today, as it carries the message of hope and eternal life.

The Church was the original social welfare system. Not to control, but to love. The Church was originally the one that took care of the community and their needs spiritually, naturally and emotionally.

The Government stole that role away from the Church in the 1930’s. This evil plan was plotted long ago and attempted many times before with at times success until in every case the Church would rise up, take its place and get the nation back on course, but in this case we can see the Church stay silent for a time.

How did that happen and when did it start you ask?

Well I guess in every fairytale there needs to be a Big Bad Wolf or some sort of evil villain, so in 1913 the Central Bank (Banking Cabal) that is run by Globalist and is the Big Bad Wolf of this story took control of The Federal Reserve and then the perfect setup was in place.

Once the Banking Cabal took control of The Federal Reserve, which is the monetary system, they took control of the Government and the next step was to take control of the people.

You have the “roaring twenties” and then the bottom was engineered to fall out.
One reason for the stock market crash in 1929 was to cause the Great Depression.

Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Well, so the Globalist could create a welfare state.

Social Welfare is putting government in control of providing for the needs of the people and taking it out of the hands of the church, so the government takes control, but it wants a tighter grip around the necks of the people, so a New Deal was introduced by the then President Franklin Roosevelt.

You say, New Deal, that doesn’t sound so bad, but remember the New Deal is just a new way to make the government bigger giving them more control over the people they intend to make small and that’s not a good deal for the people at all. The New Deal lullaby would be sung to coerce the people that would once rather die for freedom than to live under the control of a tyrannical government that would lure the people under their control like the Pied Piper lured the children away.

The New Deal lullaby was a catchy tune with lyrics that would please – “Don’t worry, don’t frown, the Three R’s are here to turn everything around. Recovery, Reform and Relief, so you will have no more grief, and all your cares will go away, because the Three R’s are here to save.”

It’s like you can still hear it sung today up on The Hill throughout the halls of Congress.

So the New Deal engine was at full throttle and the government programs began. The more the programs the bigger the government and the bigger the government the more control. They had welfare, public work projects galore, financial aid and reform alike, regulations for every industry – they covered farming, and banking, and business, and manufacturing. They had healthcare, health services, social services, civil services and so much more. Whatever you need the New Deal would be there to perform.

It was Socialism enacted, but under the guides of welfare and government aide.

Although the New Deal would have so many programs fail; fail it was designed to do. Why fail you ask? To make the Banking Cabal more money by indebting the Country up to its eyeballs. When the Government fails then the Government needs more money and they get their money by borrowing it from the Banking Cabal. So whenever those printing presses that print the money gets fired up and spitting out new Federal Reserve Notes, it is all paid for on the backs of the taxpayer. If they can’t get you under the control of a program they want to get you under the control by means of debt.

Now let’s fast forward to November of 2016. A new type of man would arrive on the scene and sound the TRUMP. This man would be elected President and he had a different plan… a plan to put America First and Make America Great Again. A plan the Globalist hate and they would not sit silent and allow such a message of hope, freedom and liberty to ring through the land state by state.

This New Kind of President was like a wrecking ball and came against the establishment that was put into place a century ago. He starts to drain the swamp where all the creatures have been hiding in the shadows. That’s why it’s called the Shadow Government. It operates in the Shadows and was allowed to grow. That’s why it’s also called the Deep State, because the diverse federal agencies throughout the federal government have been infiltrated by non-elected government individuals to influence and implement government policy that adheres to the Globalist Agenda.

And this President who loves America so dearly would initiate the America First Agenda that threatens everything that was implemented by the enemy of this nation a century ago. As this President started to come against the establishment and Globalist Agenda, it began to get the attention of the Men in the High Castle aka Luxury Hotel Meeting Rooms and Think Tank Auditoriums of the World. You know the ones – the ones that align themselves with the Kingdom of Darkness and are part of a Luciferian Society – the ones with names like Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Wilson Center, World Economic Forum, United Nations, NATO, IMF, World Bank and Royal Institute.

So they simply toggle the switches from their ivory tower to create havoc in the life of America’s President, as well in the lives of all who support him.

They own the media, they own the banks, they own the companies, they own big tech, and already have everything in place to stop him, so they think but guess what – it doesn’t stop him – he’s a wrecking ball, and blow after blow is being felt by the enemy as they stumble around in the ring and grasp the ropes to try and hold themselves up from the swift and precise strikes against them put forth by the America First Agenda.

The momentum grows and the very people the globalist control in the welfare state begin to turn on them and support this America First President and America First Ideology.

Because he puts America First and her people – and begins to return the power to where it always was designed by our Founding Fathers to be… in the hands of We The People – that’s right, he gives the power back to the People – he invests in the people – into their communities – creates jobs – boosts the economy – creates prison reform – eliminates regulations – stops the abortuaries – rebuilds the infrastructure – rebuilds the military – supports law enforcement – creates the revitalization initiative and opportunity zones – and so many other things to empower the People.

Additionally and very importantly – he backs the Church, removes the Gag Order that was used to intimidate and silence the Church – puts Christ back into Christmas – and creates the faith initiative that all of the above and everything in America will include the faith element.

In the very fabric of the America First Agenda is woven together by God and Country.

He begins to remove the control out of the hands of the government and gives it back to the People, with the foundation being built on Faith in God.

The support builds, the rallies build, momentum builds… and they can’t stop it.

So they release the storm they created in their labs and this is where we are today. We are in the thrust of a Global Reset, just going through the first phase of their evil agenda that is called Lock Step and moving quickly through their other phases, as they perpetrate their wicked plan on mankind.

The scenarios the Globalist suggests are implemented through their dollars, but without any commonsense. Unfortunately, the lullaby songs of a better world and promise of peace and safety are welcomed by a world that wants comfort and to hear everything will be just perfect if everyone just complies. The intellectual charm of the unqualified begins to work. The manipulation conducted through fearmongering takes hold and an entire world, not just America is deceived to believe a false narrative pushed by fake news through a mass media cartel.

And as a nation runs and hides, other events are deployed to destroy a nation. Anarchy for hire is released on the scene to create civil unrest and division, which the Globalist uses to bring destabilization to a nation. They are camouflaged to be peaceful protests over civil injustice, but they are really riots with the intent to cause harm on everyone they can and burn as many city blocks to the ground in the process. They cry for peace and justice, but are murderous in spirit as their only desire is to kill those they deem to think freely and identify in opposition of their ideologies, which are then labeled as hateful and racist.

While they work to divide and destroy through their false and misguided race wars, which is based on people’s emotions and ignorance is the only calamitous program used to keep racism in existence. Racism is a political weapon that is used to keep people in bondage, as the professional instigators use their platforms to preserve racism in modern society. This time around this political weapon will be used to accommodate and propagate a new belief called by the name of Critical Race Theory.

As the above actions are plotted and performed, there is another war being waged against our nation – a war against the sovereignty and integrity of our election system. It’s interesting that this subject will repeat itself, as so many often do, and even now we could look back to that interesting character named LBJ once again. It is as if they had a playbook for this stuff, which many would agree that this was written out and planned long ago knowing there is nothing new under the sun – we just have to be willing to take note and pay attention to the past mistakes or plots. In this particular case we can look back to one of Lyndon B. Johnson’s political scandals when he ran for Senator back in 1948. This is the case with the infamous Missing Ballot Box 13 that so conveniently went missing and then miraculously reappeared to give LBJ the victory. What a unlucky number 13 was for his opponent, but on the contrary is quit the lucky number 13 for LBJ with all votes in that “lucky” box found six days later would be for him. Looking back towards that particular case, it now has an awfully similar resemblance to our National 2020 Presidential Election.

History sure does repeat itself, especially when there is a system in place with zero accountability and allows for just three election companies all owned by private equity firms to count 96% of all American’s votes in Private. A system in place designed to choose the winner even if not really the winner. A Pretender-In-Chief put in place – chosen not by the American People through a Transparent and Constitutional Election, but by a corrupt and wicked force working in the shadows. A system all designed and implemented to carry out real conspiracies against the American People.

But wait, conspiracies you say, well there is a counterpart connected to the thieves to fact check everything they don’t want exposed and then label every person that speaks the Truth, as “Conspiracy Theorists”. These fact-checkers are self-proclaimed all-knowing authoritarians of the truth, but in reality they are feeble-minded pawns who are controlled by elite ownership. But beware, because anyone who is a whistleblower, has witnessed fraud or other atrocities and choses to speak out will be defamed and attacked by these zombies that only crave the brains of others. So as you can see, the real war is the war on Truth.

The elite sitting in their fenced mansions do not want you to pull back the curtain to expose there heinous acts against the citizens of this nation and the nations of the world. They don’t want you to know what they plot in the dark and have planned for your future. They will continue to hide and fund the never-ending battle over the Truth. They will do whatever it takes and no matter who or what it destroys along the way. They want you to walk along the yellow brick road and see only what they show you and only what they have painted on their canvas of deceit. The choice you must make is – are you going to stay on the path they have prepared for you. The path of least resistance – the path of empty promises – the path that leads to nowhere – or are you going to get off their path and make your own path? A new path – a road not traveled except by those who are brave and courageous – a path that requires virtue, persistence and faith, and that will not always be easy, but will always be exciting and where you will live free.

A siege of attacks against America and her Freedom and Liberty has been happening and none the likes has ever before been unleashed, but there is still hope for this once great nation. It may be but a slight glimmer, but there is still time, as long as we don’t wait too much longer.

In every story there is an ending and normally fairytales end by simply stating –
“And They Lived Happily Ever After… The End”, but this is not a fairytale, it is reality, and it is not over. So how does it really end? Well, how it ends and how happy it ends depends on all of us – the People of God uniting together for what might be a last stand, but what a glorious stand it will then be.

Now in closing, my advice is that whenever our life here on earth comes to an end, we will be able to say – I gave it my all – I did everything I could leaving nothing on the table – I never backed down, compromised or gave up – and at the end, I have no regrets.

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